Here Are All About Adjustable Beds

The type of bed and mattress you choose has a huge impact on how comfortable you are at night and the quality of sleep you get. While a lot of thought is put into choosing a mattress, the bed is often overlooked. For people suffering from back pain, sinus problems and gas refluxes, sleep is often difficult to achieve on a normal bed even when using top of the line mattresses from Adjustable beds have been around the market for over three decades, but they are being considered seriously for home use in the recent years. As the market for adjustable beds is increasing, a large number of manufacturers are offering adjustable beds in their lineup.

How Is It Different

Adjustable beds differ from standard beds in the simple fact that the base itself is adjustable. The base is made up of multiple hinges that can support the mattress in different positions so that the user can choose a comfortable position. The adjustable base is made up of slats and the positioning is executed by a motor that is fitted inside the base. The bed comes with a control that can be hard wired to the motor or which can be wireless. The control will have adjustment options. Depending on the type of adjustment chosen from the control, the elevations are executed. You should remember when we talk about adjustable beds, we are not talking about the mattresses. The bed manufacturers do not manufacture mattresses. The adjustments made by the motor varies the position of the base on which the mattress would be placed. The number of joints in the beds denotes the number of adjustments possible. The entry level beds would come with one or two joints for the head and feet. More expensive beds can have fully flexible bases with five or more joints.


Even though there are manually adjustable beds, motorized beds have become more popular due to the ease of use. The two most common categories are hard wired beds and wireless control beds. The difference is in how the adjustments are ordered. There is a huge price difference between wired control beds and wireless control beds. The advantages of wireless control are

  • The positioning can be adjusted by another person a few meters away.
  • There is no cord around which can trip or disturb the person on the bed.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Carers will find it easy to use.
  • Safe to use as it does not require electricity to operate.

The wired control is usually less expensive and while the control is always at the same place, the cord has to be handled with care and the control should be placed carefully every time. Also the control will not be easily accessible when the user is lying on the other side of the bed.

How To Choose One

When selecting an adjustable bed, you have to consider the reason you are looking at adjustable beds. If you are buying adjustable beds because of a medical condition, you should get recommendations from your physician. Generally speaking, the beds will not be covered under insurance, but if your physician deems it necessary for your health, you might be able to claim it under insurance.

When buying an adjustable bed, consider the warranties available on the base. While the base itself might be covered under the warranty for fifteen to twenty years, the controls might not be covered. Before choosing a bed, it is wise to read reviews on customer satisfaction for the particular brand and model of the bed.